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TAKS Test Preparation

Private TAKS Prep Sessions

Our private, one-on-one TAKS preparation sessions are highly individualized and focus on remediating a studentís weaknesses while improving overall test-taking strategies. We work from a studentís past test scores and benchmark data to zero in on trouble areas. By filling in gaps in understanding, we help boost student confidence and improve scores.

We understand that some students also experience test anxiety, so we work with students to minimize their stress in two ways. First, we emphasize that a mastery of the content allows a student to feel more comfortable and confident during the exam. Sufficient practice in a studentís weak areas will build a fluency that eliminates second guessing. Second, we help students develop test-taking strategies that work for that individual to ensure a more effective and successful testing session.

Small Group TAKS Prep Sessions

Throughout the year, we also have some small group sessions for groups of students preparing for a specific test or re-test. Please call for more information about joining a small group session.

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